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National Projects

AMMA France

AMMA-France is the French AMMA contribution which is being funded by all French research organizations involved in environmental sciences. The science plan of AMMA-France follows the one of AMMA-EU but the emphasis has been shifted to correspond better to the strength of the French community. Within AMMA-France more refined strategies have been for instance elaborated for the water cycle studies or the use of land-surface models for producing surface states. The oceanographic observations within AMMA are predominantly contributed by AMMA-France. The scientific steering committee (CCMA : Comité Coordination Mousson Africaine) is charged of coordinating the working packages and preparing the deployment of instruments.

AMMA Germany

AMMA Germany is a consortium of several german universities and research centers involved in the African Monsoon Multidisciplinary Project

AMMA Italy

Participating Insitutions: CNR-ISAC , CNR-IBIMET , ENEA , UNI-Perugia, GEIE-Geophysica


AMMA-UK is a project funded by NERC and bringing together the British AMMA community. The proposed research concentrates on the following topics within AMMA :

    • Land surface and atmosphere interaction,
    • WAM microclimate and applications,
    • Convection and WAM dynamics,
    • Tropospheric composition,
    • The tropical tropopause layer.

A large instrumental deployment is also planed within AMMA-UK. The project is headed by a Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) which will coordinate the scientific and observational work-packages and ensure a smooth execution of the project.


AMMA-US gathers a number of American scientists. A Scientific Steering Group (SSG) has been established for AMMA-US and its first action has been to write a science plan. The US proposal emphasized research on weather, climate and aerosol over West Africa and the downstream tropical Atlantic. Parts of this science plan have been submitted for funding to various American funding agencies and we expect to know the outcome of these proposals during 2005. US-funding for the deployment of the mobile ARM facility in Niamey in 2006 has already been secured.


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