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AMMA-EU is the project funded by the European Commission. It has been selected as an Integrated Project under the call entitled "Hot spots in the Earth System". AMMA-EU federates the various national activities in Europe and brings together the geophysical and socio-economical communities working in Africa. The goals set for this project are to improve our capability in weather and climate forecasting and food security management. This will be achieved by advancing our knowledge of the processes active in the monsoon and enhancing the environmental monitoring systems. A corner stone of the project is to ensure that radio-soundings in the region reach the weather forecasting centers and that the network is upgraded.

Further information about AMMA EU

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AMMA Africa

AMMA-Africa (or AMMANET) brings together scientists from many African nations and coordinates their contribution to AMMA. It is based on proposals made by individual scientists and small teams in universities and operational and research centers. The scientific committee of AMMA-Africa (CSAM : Comite de Suivi AMMA-Afrique) reviewed these proposals and initiated collaborations. Compared to the other components of AMMA the emphasis in AMMA-Africa is more on impact studies. The review process produced a science plan for Africa called the PIAF : Plan d'Implementation AMMA Afrique. Efforts are now underway to seek funding in African and elsewhere for the various working packagess of the PIAF.

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RADAGAST aims to improve our understanding of the radiative balance of the atmosphere by combining simultaneous measurements of radiation at the surface and the top of the atmosphere.

This unique project is using data from multiple instruments of the US ARM Mobile Facility located in Niger, Africa during 2006 and the SEVIRI and GERB imaging sensors on the Meteosat Second Generation satellites.

Description of the scientific objectives of the ARM Mobile facility as well as the integration within AMMA (pdf, 2,0 MB)

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